About Us

St. George Syriac Orthodox Church Brampton, Ontario Canada,

is the part of Universal Syrian Orthodox Christian Church under the Holy Apostolic rule of Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, the Prince Patriarch of Antioch and all the East. This Church is serving (but not limited to) the Malayalee Community in Canada. St. George Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church Brampton, Canada welcomes you to join with the happiness of spiritual worship (Holy Qurbana) and to the salvation and to the peace of our Lord Jesus.

Our Story

Decades back, the malankara Syrian Christians in Toronto region has only one option to meet their spiritual needs; and it was the Syrian orthodox church of Totonto. The time was early 70s; and later, as the number of malanara Jacobite Christians grew in number, they felt the need for and scope of an individual church for themselves. That is when 9 families at the time got together and initiated the inception of the first malankara Jacobite church in Toronto – the st. Marys church. Even more years went by before the church branched off further to form the the st George church as we know it today, to cater to the believers in the Brampton area of Toronto. The formation of st George church was in 2007 may 6, when the vicar of the church was rev fr prince under north American diocese headed by Bishop His Grace Eldho Mor Titus. The first Holy Qurbana was celebrated at St. Elias Ukranian Catholic Church Brampton (Boviard x Heritage) by the founder Vicar Rev. Dr. Prince Mookkanottil Lukose with the presence of Rev.Fr. Shibu Yohannan, the then secretary to the Diocesan Bishop.The Parish’s Patron saint is St. George and the side Holy Alters were named with St. Mary, the mother of God and St. Gregorios of Parumala.

The Parish had the opportunity to welcome and been blessed by the presence and prayers of H.G. Joseph Gregorios, Metropolitan of Kochin Diocese and the Holy Synod secretary, H.G. Abraham Mor Saverios Metropolitan of Angamali Diocese, H.G. Kuriakose Mpr Saverios Metropolitan of Knanaya Diocese.

In the beginning of the Parish Mr Antony Maliekal helped us to coordinate the Church Choir. The first Choir was constituted with Ms. Merin , Ms.Annu, Ms. Chinnu and Ms Smitha. First Sunday School Headmistress was Mrs. Suni Sajan along with the dedicated teachers, Mrs. Sarah John, Mrs. Shiji Raju, Mrs. Swetha Shiju, Ms. Chinnu, Ms. Annu and Ms. Merin. In the beginning Mr. Manu and Mr. Baiju served the Holy Alter as the Acolytes, and later Mr. Aby, Mr. Raju, Master Noah, Master Allan, Master Adam, and Master Ashwin joined as Acolytes. Mr. Linnet Kocheril served the Holy Alter in all the emergency situations. The Sunday school was very active and we had a monthly bulletin publication as a newsletter and a media to encourage the upcoming generation.

Our founder vicar and President Rev. Dr. Prince Mookkanottil was transferred to the western Canada in 2010 July for establishing new parishes and then many other priest served our parish. Mere words are inadequate to thank the following priests who served our parish, Very Rev. Thomas Kanneth Corepiscopa, Rev. Fr. Varghese Neettumkara (Babu Achan), Rev. Fr. Cherian Kooliyattu, 1​Rev. Fr. John Thomas Yohannan (Johnson Achan), and Rev.Fr. George Vayalipparampil. Currently, Rev. Fr. Eldho Kakkadan is serving our parish with great dedication and commitment. Special thanks to all the Vicars of St. Ignatius Knanaya Church for serving our parish in all our needy situations time to time.

We were conducting the Holy Qurbana in various parishes and school chapels in the GTA before we had our own Church in November, 2017. St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church & Rev.Fr. Roman Gelada, St. Demiter Bulgarian Orthodox Church Brampton, St. Eugine Mazenod Roman Catholic Church Brampton & Rev. Fr. Adam Filas for providing us their Holy Church with all the support to conduct our Holy Liturgy. We also thank the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board and Thomas K. Thomas, the Vice Chair of the DPCDSB for facilitating the School chapels for our Holy liturgy.

We also thank the Kerala Christian Ecumenical Fellowship for the opportunity given us to participate in all the ecumenical programmes and for all the encouragement and support to the parish

Any building wouldn’t have been completed without a strong building committee. The building committee for our Church was formed under the able leadership of Fr. George Varghese Vayaliparambil, the Vicar of our Church. The committee had Mr. Raju Varghese, Mr. Abraham Mani, Mr. Aaron Fredrick, Mr. Lilu Mammen and Mrs. Mary Shashikumar as its members who worked for our dream get fulfilled.

Holy Mooron Consecration of our own Church was officiated by our Archbishop H. E. Yeldho Mor Titus assisted by our Vicar, Rev. Fr. George Varghese Vayalipparambil on Nov. 11 & 12 ( clarify dates…… ), 2017. Rev. Fr. Abey Mathew, Rev. Fr. John Thomas Yohannan, Rev. Fr. Paulose Varkey Vazhakkalayil, Rev. Fr. Chacko George, Rev. Fr. Sijo Skariah blessed the occasion with their prayers and presence. Mar Jose Kalluvelil, Bishop of Syro-Malabar Apostolic Exarchate of Canada was the chief guest of our public meeting following the consecration. We were pleased to have Mr. Thomas K. Thomas, Vice Chair of DPCDSB for the meeting on our special day. Individuals who worked for our Church to become a reality, was honoured in the meeting.

Thanks to everyone enormously contributed to this noble cause. Special thanks to our members Mr. Raju Varghese, Mr. Abraham Mani and Mrs. Mary Shashikumar who signed the guarantee for the purchase of the Parish. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to our members including Mrs. Saramma John, Mrs. Mini Fredrick, Mr. Abraham Mani, Mr. Raju Varghese, Mrs. Lima Saji, and Mrs. Mary Shashikumar who have donated generously for our Church. We are expressing our gratitude to all our members who had given their fair share for this dream come true. Well wishers of our Church not only include our Church members, but also members from our sister churches in and around Greater Toronto Area who had helped us to fulfill our dream. A place to worship God has no boundaries and that is why we got a great support in fulfilling our dream from different people near and far. A handful of thanks to all the people who supported us in this venture. Our Parish is led with the Holy Apostolic blessings of our Patriarch H.H Moran Mor Ignatius Aprem II, our Catholicose H.B. Baselious Thomas I and our Archdiocesan Bishop, H. E. Yeldho Mor Titus and our Vicar Rev. Fr. Eldho Kakkadan. Let the intercession of St. George, St. Mary and St. Gregorios be with us always.

Contribute to our church by your donation. Thanks for your heart ♥.